Regent's Park 10th & 11th December

Regent's Park

Yesterday was a possibly day.

There were definitely 2 possibly 3 Water Rails, there was also 1 possibly 2 Kingfishers and lastly there was definitely  1 possibly 2 Cetti's Warblers. 

We took the cage away from one of the Rail feeding stations hoping this might encourage the Water Rails to feed from it. The Black-headed Gulls soon took the opportunity to grab all the could.

Regent's Park today

Common Shelduck: a female was on the main lake.
European Wigeon: a female flew from area 35 out on to the main lake.
Yellow-legged Gull: Last weeks 3rd winter bird was on the lake again this morning.
Water Rail: 2 were showing well in the Rail Ditch at 8.00am.
Redwing: a handful of birds were feeding in area 40.

Grey Heron: This week 6 basket were erected in trees on Heron Island, area 9. We tried this back in the 1990's with 11 baskets and over half of them were used. This has been carried out because the number of suitable trees for the birds to nest in is gradually reducing leaving trees that are to young and are without suitable anchoring points for the birds to construct a nest.