Regent's Park

Regent's Park

Common Shelduck: a female has been seen in the Longbridge Sanctuary several times recently.
Water Rail. 2 birds present in the Rail Ditch.
Wood Pigeon: 350+ flew NE prior to 9.00am.
Fieldfare: 1 perched briefly in area 2.
Redwing: 35 flew over.
Lesser Redpoll: 1 in area 31.
Siskin: 8 in area 31.

 Water Rail

 Yellow-legged Gull 3rd winter

 Lesser Black-backed Gull
 Common Gull (above & below)

Brown Rat finds the Rail feeding station.


The brown rats and the squrills are loving my bird feeders at the moment ... its WAR!!
Can't you protect them with a mesh cage. If I can make one then someone with your capabilities should be able to.