Waterfowl, gulls and Herons

Regent's Park

Common Shelduck: a pair were on the lake.
Common Teal: a drake commutes between the edge of area 7 and the north eastern end of the lake in area 34.
Northern Shoveler: 12 were on the main lake.
Gadwall: 8 birds by area 9. 
Red crested Pochard: 55 birds on the lake.
Little Owl: the male was roosting in the large poplar tree just outside the Cricket Pen.
Yellow-legged Gull: the 3w was yet again on the main lake.
Water Rail: I only saw one bird in area 2.
Cetti's Warbler: one was at the north eastern end of the lake.
Chiffchaff: one was near the Cetti's. 

There is a chance that some Herons may have laid eggs already.

 The drake Mandarin below has been around for several years, his plumage is very odd.

 Yellow-legged Gull right with Herring Gull and below with a LBB Gull.

 Ad Herring Gull wing pattern above and YL Gull below. 

 The Little Owl from two sides of the tree.


Unknown said…

Hi Tony - Thank you for the superb blog and photos, which I follow regularly. I'm always amazed at the number of species you not only see but manage to photograph.
I'm not very familiar with Regent's Park but went there yesterday (Jan 9) and I think saw some Smew and Ruuddy Shelduck at the waterfowl site near the Long Bridge. Is this likely? Also saw a colourful duck (not a Mandarin) with a black mane stretching from the crown all down the nape. Slightly smaller than a Mallard. Can you help?
I mean to go to the Park more often. Do you have any good tips for seeing songbirds etc?