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Thursday, February 09, 2006

9th February

Goosander: female present on the main lake by island nos 5 all day.
Common Teal: 4 birds.
European Wigeon: 3 birds.
Gadwall: 32 birds.
Red Crested Pochard: 28 fully winged birds:
Mandarin Duck: 18 birds around the edge of island nos 5.
Shoveler: 28 birds present:
Cackling Canada: One fully winged bird has been present since July 2005.

1 comment:

rose and morg said...

Fieldfare feeding with 4 Mistle thrushes & 1 Pied wagtail on football pitch 9, midway between Hanover bridge and the Hub at 4.20 Friday 10th Feb.