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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Regent's Park pictorial from 12th October - 19th

Regent's Park

Things have quietened down considerably, Redwing's pass over most mornings in small number as do Siskin's and Chaffinches. A Tree Pipit flew SW  on the 17th our latest date for this species. Waterfowl numbers are still low but careful searching may turn up a couple of Teal.

    Adults are still feeding young in the nest, even though the juvs can fly strongly.

    There are still a few Little and Great crested Grebe's on the lake.

   Sparrowhawk's and Kestrel's are still hassled by Magpie's and Crow's in area 32.

   Mute Swan's are still squabbling on the main lake, thankfully nothing to serious yet!

   A pair of Peregrine's were over the park one afternoon.

    A 4cy Yellow-legged Gull was found by the kiddies boating pond on the 12th and is still 
    present in that area.

   Herring Gull taking a dive.

    A BH Gull does the same

    A female Stonechat was in the small triangular pen just NW of Longbridge in the 
    company of a Goldfinch  on the 19th. 

    Meadow Pipit
    Rook, the rarest common member of the corvid's to be seen in Central London.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Early October 3rd to 10th in Regent's Park

Regent's Park

Things have quietened down in the past week, with only a trickle of migrants passing through.
Apart from the species in the pictures below there have been a handful others seen.

Meadow Pipit: a few birds pass through most mornings, you tend to hear them first and then trying to pick them up in a blue sky can be difficult.
Pied Wagtail: recorded most days out on the open spaces.
Swallow: one flew south on Saturday.
Ring Ouzel: 2 birds flew east over area 39 at 8,15am on the 7th, a male was flushed the next day from the drinking pool in the Chat Enclosure (area 39) at 9.25am. It disappeared before I could even get a record shot of it.
Redwing: the first birds of the autumn headed NW on 7th. There have been one's and two's most day's.
Blackcap: up to 4 birds have been feeding in the Chat Enclosure.
Chiffchaff: birds can still be found in areas 1, 9, 31, 32, 39 and 41.
Lesser Redpoll:  2 singles have passed through.
Siskin: 6 birds headed NW on Sunday, 1 or 2 birds lingered in area 41.
Chaffinch and Greenfinches have also began to move.

    Redwing and Song Thrush
    Song Thrush



    The Stonechat was keeping an eye on the Sparrowhawk that was soaring high overhead.

    There are still juvenile Herons that haven't left their nest's yet.

   The Chiffchaff's certainly vary in colour.

   The Fox was wondering what I was looking at.