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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Regent's Park and signs that springs on the way

Spring is on the way

Signs that spring is coming has been in evidence from 7th March when a Tawny Owlet was showing on what was a really blustery day. There were also a couple of Chiffchaffs singing on that day.

The pair of Kestrels are still present and still the target for the local pair of Carrion Crows and Magpies

There are still 3 pairs of Great Crested Grebes on the lake the pair near Clarence Bridge keep losing their eggs, probably to the Coots

I wonder if Cormorants will soon be a new breeding species for the park. Hopefully not as their droppings end up destroying the trees.

This 1st winter Herring Gull was having a good time playing with this tennis ball.

Unfortunately the Egyptian Geese haven't lost their young yet. They have chosen area 14 as their territory which is pretty much free of large gulls. 

This Herons nest started in a basket and has spread out. at least the young will have lots of room to branch out to. At present there are 4 nests with chicks in.

Frogs have taken a hammering from this Heron, luckily there are only 4 nests with mouths to feed and this Heron defends his food supply from the other Herons.

Long-tailed Tits are busy nest building, this bird was collecting spider thread.

A pair of colourful Grey Wagtails turned up on 13th.

Mandarins are busy courting and can be heard calling as they fly around the lake looking for a hole to nest in.

This female was nibbling on the remains of a frog left by the Heron.

This female Stonechat turned up in the Triangle Pen on the 19th, they seldom stay for more than a day.

This cracking Northern Wheatear was present from 8.00am until at least 2.00pm

    Nikon 810 with 300m with a 1.4 converter hand held.

   Phone scoped with a Samsung Galaxy S7 on a Swarovski ATS80

Other migrant news

1 Wheatear on the open spaces early on 17th.
5 Chiffchaffs 18th.
4 Meadow Pipits 18th.
1 Red Kite flew NW at 12.05 on the 18th.
1f Brambling dropped into trees by Hanover Bridge for 10 mins 19th.
1 Rook flew NE at 8.05am 20th. 
1 Wheatear 21st 
1m Blackcap on the island in area 34
1 Linnet flew north 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Regent's Park 21st February through to 12th March

Regent's Park over the past 3 weeks

Here is a pictorial the shows some of the highlights in those weeks, they will not be chronological order.