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Thursday, September 03, 2020

August 2020 Regent's Park Birds Pictorial

 August 2020 Pictorial

Although I have been moving between Regent's Park and Norfolk I still managed to connect with some decent migrants in what was a fairly quiet month for migrants in the park. The only species annual species that I have missed out on was Whinchat, 3 were seen but none stayed longer than a few minutes. I managed to get 2 park ticks, Great White Egret seen flying high south on the 24th and Cattle Egret watched by Dave Johnson flying over the park early morning on the 8th. I tried to intercept it as it flew towards the mosque but as I was driving towards Hanover Gate the bird changed it's mind and started heading east. I parked up in the Leaf Yard and managed 30 seconds of a very distant bird heading towards Euston. We'd had a record some years back of a bird of the race Choreomundus that was perched on a rowing boat on the main lake. Where it originated from who knows? maybe London Zoo.

Below are some images taken during August.


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