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Friday, April 28, 2006

28th April

Reed Warbler: 1 bird still present.
Sedge Warbler: 1 bird also still in area 2.
Lesser Redpoll: 2 birds flew over.
Great Black-backed Gull: 2 high flying single birds, 7.55am & 12.40pm.

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rosie said...

Hi Tony,
sat.29.04 I guess there wasn't going to be much chance of a red-rumped swallow (ref. 2 years ago) or a skulking bluethroat today with this northerly wind blowing still I did manage to venture out, eventually.
I heard more than I saw. 11.30-12.00 area 2, both the reed + the sedge warblers were singing, mostly seperately, neither became visible despite extensive scanning.
12.15 the main lake near longbridge, the male shellduck was chasing + flying after other male species(red-crested pochard + mallard that came anywhere near the pinioned female).
12.30 2 willow warblers in the Holme simultaneously giving prolonged alarm calls.
The more sheltered and quieter leaf yard wood, area 29, had by far the greatest number of visible and audible birds. The resident chiffchaff was continually singing. 2 definite but quite possibly 3 male blackcaps were roaming the area both inside and outside the wood opposite the rugby field. A little singing from all birds seen, but only short songs, however there was alot of tacking from all birds usually whilst feeding and visible.
Also seen a pair of starlings still in winter plumage except that their yellow bills & accompanying greyblue(m) & white patches at the top of the bill suggested that they were in transition to breeding. Do starlings attain full breeding plumage before mating? If so could these birds be late migrants? or are they residents that are just late developers? The male's primaries were also predominantly a light brown.