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Saturday, May 20, 2006

20th May

RedKite: 4 birds soared above the park after a heavy shower, from 10.45am until 11.05am. They were mobbed by crows before 3 drifted off SW and the other NW. Reed Warbler: 4 birds still singing.
Chiffchaff: 2 birds csinging from areas 1 & 29. Reed Bunting: Two males present in areas 2 & 25. Grey Wagtail: one on the cascade in area 2. Mandarin: 1 duck with a brood of 11 ducklings on the lake by area 5. Posted by Picasa


rosie said...

Hi Tony,
Can't compete with the Red Kite sighting!
They say fortune favours the brave (or is it the foolhardy) so today, Monday 22nd 1.45- 4pm, scanned the lake repeatedly (including in the rain) in the hope of a Black Tern but had no joy.... still there's always tomorrow, although I think that the wind may be a northerly so maybe its less likely.
However, I did see several groups of swifts (largest count 20, but often approx 10)at various locations around the park, but I couldn't tell if there were several groups or just one group that sometimes dispersed into smaller ones.
Unusually they spent much of their time very low just above the sports pitches or water. Also when they were around the lake they and were accompanied by approx 12 house martins.
I assumed that the swifts and house martins were having to feed so low because the weather was keeping the insects down.

Stoke Newington Birds said...

nicely done Tony....

direct a couple over to us would you?