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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2nd May

Common Shelduck: 1 very nervy drake was present on the lake opposite The Holme between 6.00am and 7.50am.
Reed Warbler: 1 bird still present.
Swift: 100+ passing over.
Swallow: 6 birds flew through.
House Martin: 10 birds hanging around mid day.
Ring-necked Parakeet: 3 birds flew NE at 7.55am.


rosie said...

Hi Tony,
The sky watching wasn't too bad on Sunday- maybe there's something to it! After all its not every day that a Honey Buzzard (even if its only a dark morph) puts in an appearance. How chilled out was that bird- taking over an hour to reach the Wetlands. Mind you if it wasn't for the Sparrowhawk's harassment it didn't look over keen to move on.
By the way I think that you could have found us an Osprey while you were at it- you were clearly only half trying!
Your recommendations for Norfolk worked out really well so thanks for that as well.
Today Tuesday 2nd 5.30-6.00pm: area 2 the Sedge very obligingly, but also too briefly, walked up the reeds and sang.
In the same area was a singing blackcap and willow warbler. Overhead a swift passed through and 6 house martins kept reappearing as they fed above the trees.Possibly more local arrivals(I'll check it out on Thursday).
In the previous hours' walk around the park I had heard and seen little of note: whereas here the wind had dropped and that area is also quite sheltered.

rosie said...

Hello Tony,
As promised I checked on the House Martins and a second nest at least is occupied. There were definitely 5 and possibly 6 birds flying around the site.
Its wonderful to have the swifts back screaching in the air above the ground. unfortunately there arn't anywhere near the numbers we used to have (10-20 years ago), but thats pretty much true of all bird numbers I guess.
Their timing is truely amazing- this is the 4th year in the last 5 when they have arrived between May 1-3rd. Last year was exceptional and they were a week early.
Unusally today,pre 10am, Morg saw one of the Egyptian geese flying low over the media centre on its way to the park.
We're going to Somerset tomorrow so plenty of hobbies, buzzards and maybe a harrier or two.
I wouldn't say no to an osprey either- I'm getting greedy now but whilst the shopping list is out a good close, long view of grasshopper and cetti warblers wouldn't go amiss. Oh and a spotted and pied flycatcher would round it off lovely. Well a fair amount of wishful thinking perhaps - but I don't think its that unreasonable (if we manage a really early start and also have some of your good luck they should be queing up to pop out for us).