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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

27th June

Hanover reed bed

Reed Warbler: There are two pairs with recently fledged young by Hanover Bridge, area 2.
Reed Bunting: 1 pair still in area 25.
Kestrel: The three young in area 25 are showing well.
Grey Wagtail: 1 by the lake
Black-headed Gull: 6 birds on the lake.


Rose & Morg said...

Hello Tony
28th June: Common Tern over St John's Lodge going east at 7.22pm. 40+ Starling flock in pre-roost display above Longbridge at 7.30pm. Also looks very likely that the 3rd male Reed Warbler has a mate: saw a second pair of birds in the right area -they appeared leisurely and in good condition; not in any hurry to collect food unlike the other pair who appeared frantic (and not so clean) as they zipped backwards and forwards with food for the fledgings.

Rose & Morg said...

Also 1 Female Mandarin with 3 well advanced ducklings on the canal by Charbert St bridge at 6pm.