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Friday, July 21, 2006

21st July

A fairly quiet day, the weather again not good for man nor beast.
Kestrel: The young on Primrose Hill are progressing well in area 36.
Little Grebe: the young are becoming a little more adventurous, area 9 & 10.
Reed Warbler: A pair still feeding young in the long reed bed in area 26.
Common Tern: 2 present. Posted by Picasa


Debbie Pledge said...

Great moth photos. Are you going to run a 'Moth Night' event? I went to one recently but it was a bit disappointing: the man running it was a little "uncoordinated" and the best ones escaped and flew off. The ones left behind were small, brown and hard to identify!
I've seen the terns now and had good views of the adult kestrels.

Tony Duckett said...

We are fairly new to trapping moths, and ID them in the mornings. Maybe sometime I will invite a few people along to an ID parade. We check through the trap between 6.30am and 7.00am.