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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

25th July

Little Grebe: A 2nd pair have hatched what appears to be only 1 youngster, on the edge of the lake by The Holme. They( the family) can be seen from Longbridge looking SW or from the bank opposite The Holme. The other 2 youngsters in area 9 appear to be doing well.
Common Tern: 1 or 2 birds are present most days.

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rosie said...

Hi Tony
Tuesday 25th 12.30pm: Finally managed to see one of the ringed Reed warbler's fledglings. It was wing shivering as it took food from the adult in the long reedbed between longbridge and the viewing platform.
Did you say you saw a Whimbrel early in the morning? If so what direction was it flying?

Wednesday 26th 8.00am: Reed bunting fledgling perched and calling in wild flower bed (near viewing platform,area 26) then flew to nearby willow. Also male immature kestrel hunting in same area.