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Monday, July 03, 2006

3rd July

Reed Bunting: For the last 2 years breeding was thought to have happened. This year breeding has been confirmed at one of the sites, in area 25. The other pair were present in area 2 but breeding hasn't been confirmed yet.
Herring Gull: 1 youngster that should have been still at it's nest site was found wandering around the Inner Circle,area 13. It origin is a mystery as there are none nesting in the park. This bird was not able to fly.
Blac-headed Gull: 26 birds present on the lake, these birds are arriving at least 2 weeks earlier than they did ten years ago.


Castlehaven said...

Misty and Houdini both seen quite regularly hunting around nest in C London. Expected to fledge any day now and move to training area on S Bank, as per "normal" practice. Under constant surveillance (as to be expected!), and confidence that things are going well...

Tony Duckett said...

I had news that all five birds were present on thew Tate in the evening of 3/7. It is probably cooler there than amongst the biuldings.

rosie said...

Hello Tony
5th July: Saw the male reed bunting helping with the feeding this morning, they were bringing in food every 2 minutes. He was much slower than her so the grubs were plainly visible.
Also food was delivered by reed warbler at long bridge site, saw 8 visits every 3 or 4 minutes.