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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

29th August

Kingfisher: 1 at the far end of the lake, area 1. View from either blue bridge looking towards American Ambassadors residence. Possibly present for over a week.
Spotted Flycatcher: 4 present in area 4 this morning.
Lesser Whitethroat: 2 in area 24 and 1 in area 29.
Common Whitethroat: 3 birds in area 29.
Willow Warbler: 14 birds in area 29.
Chiffchaff: 6 birds in area 29.
Blackcap: 8 birds present mainly in area 29.
House Martin: 70 over the lake at 7.00am.
Grey Wagtail: 1 by waterfowl rearing pond, area 1.


Castlehaven said...

A quick trip this AM at 0630. Great weather, if fresh. Area 29 very active - as I am sure is usual from previous entries!

2 Spotted Flycatchers on mature elderberries behind fence in Area 29.

2 Wood Warblers on limes outsie of Area 29 - very good sighting, as they actually deigned to sit still on a bare branch for at LEAST 15 seconds!.

3-4 Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff (no, unless they either sing or sit still for more than 2 nanoseconds, I admit that I am not up to making definite ID's!).

1-2 Blackcap moving around in brambles around fence towards top of Area 29, plus others singing (plus prob Whitethroat).

Numerous flocks of 8-12 Chaffinches in 29, 1, and 24.

Gt Spotted Woodpeckers in numbers: 3 simultaneously on dead trees in 29, 5-6 simultaneously in 24.

Sparrowhawk(s) heard in Area 1.

Poss Reed Warbler (fleeting sight) in reeds between two bridges in Area 1.

Tony Duckett said...

A very good morning by the looks of it. The Wood Warblers are a great record. Both types of Whitethroats seemed to have moved on overnight as we didn't find any.
I will keep an eye out for you incase you come in early another morning.

Castlehaven said...

Hope to be around, weather permitting, c0630 on Friday - can't do tomorrow... If so, will head to 29 first stop...