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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

5th September

Arctic Tern: 2 birds flew SW at 8.10am.
Unidentified Raptor: while watching the terns flying away a large raptor was picked up in the distance over the City of London. It looked a goody but it was going SE.
Hobby: 1 tried to catch Martins over the lake at 8.45am.
Yellow Wagtail: 2 singles flew SW.
Wheatear: 1 flew SW with a Yellow Wag.
Grey Wagtail: 1 flew SW.
Swallow: 350 birds flew S prior to 11.00am, with a light passage afterwards.
Sand Martin: 10 birds were mixed in with Swallows.
House Martin: 150 birds moved through slowly.
Kingfisher: 2 birds still present, they can be seen anywhere between areas 1 and 26.
Reed Warbler: 2 birds in reeds by blue bridges, area 2.
Spotted Flycatcher: 5 birds, 2 in area 15 and 3 in area 29.
Lesser Whitethroat: 1 in area 29.
Blackcap: 4 in area 29.
Willow Warbler: 4 birds in area 29.
Chiffchaff: 10 birds in the two tit flocks.
Long- tailed Tit: the two flocks totaled at least 90 birds.

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