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Thursday, October 12, 2006

12th October

Visible migration picked up as the wind began to move to an eastern sector.

Greenland Wheatear: 1 in area 28 from 9.30am.
Swallow: 1 flew S.
Redwing: 38 birds W in small flocks from 7.00 am til 9.30am.
Song Thrush: 18 birds W in 2's and 3's.
Skylark: 9 birds W in three groups.
Meadow Pipit:13 birds, with the odd bird attempting to land. Dog walkers soon move them on.
Pied Wagtail: 7 birds SE.
Grey Wagtail: 3 birds SE.
Starling: 76 birds W before
Chaffinch: 64 birds W.
Greenfinch: 44 birds W.
Goldfinch: 16 birds SW.
Lesser Redpoll: 2 birds W at 11.00am.
Rook: 1 flew W at 8.05am.
Shoveler: 25 birds on the lake.
Pintail: 1 duck in area 5.

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