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Thursday, October 05, 2006

5th October

Bullfinch: 1 dropped into area 26, just as heavy drizzle started at 12.40pm. My first Bullfinch down for 10 years.
It was later flushed from a berry bush.
Redwing: 1 dropped into a Pine Tree at 9.20am.
Meadow Pipit: 25 birds in small groups prior to 10.00am.
Goldfinch: 16 birds flew W.
Common Teal: 2 drakes are present amongs the collection Teal in area 1.
Northern Shoveler: 14 birds are present on the lake.
Mandarin Duck: 16 birds on the island in area 5.
Eygptian Goose: The roving pair are back in area 26.


Debbie Pledge said...

Stonechat, ring ouzel,'s been quite a week. Shame I missed all of them! I came out earlier today (12.45) just as it started raining but saw very little. Oh well.

Castlehaven said...

How do we stop the plan to re-develop the north part of the park, which I saw reported in the Standard yesterday? And did you see the Royal Parks man describing the area around the golf/tennis as "ugly scrubland"?

Tony Duckett said...

Some good birds but visible migration hopefully will pick up when the wind eventually moves around to the eastern sector.

I did not see or hear the Royal Parks spokesman calling the area ugly scrubland. I am not at liberty to tell you much, though there is a lot of opposition from various groups ie The Friends.

Castlehaven said...


I think I still have the Standard piece ripped out... But I DO remeber the chappie calling it "ugly scrubland", which is what set me off! I can understand your problem, but I will see what I can do from my side....