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Monday, October 09, 2006

9th October

Winds still from the wrong direction, so very little visible migration.

Song Thrush: 12 birds flew SW to NW the largest gruop contained 3 birds.
Swallow: 26 birds in dribs and drabs.
Meadow Pipit: 8 singles flew over in various directions.
Grey Wagtail: 2 birds flew SW at 7.15am.
Pied Wagtail: 4 birds feeding on cricket square.
Goldfinch: A flock of seven flew SW at 7.45am.
Shoveler: 12 birds around the island in area 5.
Common Teal: 1 in the Nature Study Centre, usually at the far end of the lake. Wild Teal look very nervy even when they mix with the collection birds.
Gadwall: A pair in area 5.


das said...

Hello Tony Duckett,

I am doing a project for my final year architecture project from the university of westminister, and i would like to learn more about the bird life at regents park, is there any chance of visitng yourself or do you have any leads that you could inform me of. my interest is in the ever changing relationship that humans have with the urban wildlife that is slowly filtering into cities. but specifically the changes that are occuring to bird life and their migratory and daily lives.

thankyou , hope to hear from you soon,

andrew de silva (das)

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Andrew.
If you ever see a Royal Parks van parked just past the public toilets at the northern end of the lake between 12.00 & 1.00pm feel free to come through the two large gates. If you cant get in then ask the toilet attendant and he will show you how to get in. I should be free every day until 20th Oct.


das said...

hello Tony

Thanks for the quick reply, i will try and pop in sometime between now and the 20th. will you be there this weekend while the frieze art fair is going on? i was hoping to see that this saturday.

ok thank you


Tony Duckett said...

I will be in the park some of the time at the weekend. If it is a SE wind and at worse patchy cloud, I will be looking for visible migration from around 8.ooam until 10.00ish. If you are around and see a royal parks truck stopped in the area 100metres NE of area 1 it will be me. But that is probably to early for the art show.