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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

8th November

A small movement of birds were noticed up until 9.00am. We also thought it was time to look for one of our favourite visitors the Firecrest. So when we bumped into the Tit flock near the bandstand, an area where this species has turned up in the past. With a mixture of deciduos and evergreen trees and shrubs it seems to suit crests. We stood back as up to 50 Long-tailed, Blue and Great tits moved past. Not a crest in sight then a small bird landed in a Hawthorn, focusing as quickly as possible as the image grew clearer there she was a female Firecrest.
Just as I got Dave on to it she was off, landing briefly then moving off with the other birds across to the island. We could not relocate it after that.

Firecrest: 1 female in area 7.
Brambling: 1 was seen and heard flying close to the feeding station, area 24.
Redwing: 22 birds flying in small groups or on their own SW to NW.
Fieldfare: 1 bird flew SW calling.
Starling: 90 birds W in three flocks.
Chaffinch: 56 birds W.
Common Gull: 4 birds on the lake 3 ads ,1 1st winter.
Little Grebe: 2 birds on the lake.
Mandarin Duck: 12 birds on the north side of the island in area 5.
Gadwall: 7 birds on the lake.


stuart said...

Nice find with the firecrest Tony. I'm hoping one will pay us a visit at Ally Pally (and hopefully stick around longer than the two black redstarts I've missed!).

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Stuart.

It is down to luck and being alert for the little rascals.

Castlehaven said...


I have been checking out the wetland area quite a bit of late. But has the work cutting back on the undergrowth scared some of the birds off at all? Should I leave it a little bit until they decide return? It has been pretty empty, even at dawn-ish times.

Tony Duckett said...


It has quietened down a bit of late, although we still get several Moorhens, Herons and the odd Mandarin. There seems to be fewer insects about after that little cold spell. We are not sure if the Rails moved off as the water levels at both locations dropped, one due to the pump failing and the other due to the lack of rain. The site by Hanover Bridge also has very few patches where a Rail could sun itself.