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Friday, December 08, 2006

8th December

Water Rail: 1 bird seen in channel behind reed bed by Hanover Bridge, area 2 between 8.00am and 9.00am.
Yellow legged Gull: 1 on posts briefly at 1.20pm.
Pintail: 1 drake by north end of island area 5, part of feral population in the London area.
Goldcrest: 6 birds feeding in the rose wheel, area 12. Posted by Picasa


Debbie Pledge said...

I came here on Saturday with Marylebone Birdwatching Society. I spent some time looking down the channel and was rewarded with a good look at the water rail. I managed to get several people on to the bird. Definitely the highlight of the morning!

Tony Duckett said...

Debbie It is nice to know that someone else has seen it and that this blog is worth doing.