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Saturday, January 13, 2007

13th January

Little Owl: One bird was seen in the southern half of the park. Its exact location is being kept a secret, as not to disturb the bird or birds.
Kestrel: One pair displaying over area 24.
Great crested Grebe: 6 birds on the lake.
Gadwall: 12 birds on the main lake.
Ruddy Duck: 9 birds present. Posted by Picasa


Debbie Pledge said...

Monday, 1.30pm. Water rail poked its head out of the reeds.
How much longer do you think it will stay?

Tony Duckett said...

I would think that it will probably move on in early March unless we have a really bad cold snap. You never know it might stay. We intend to leave a narrow strip of water along the ditch this year. Not specifically for the rail, but to allow birds to have a sheltered drinking area.