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Sunday, January 07, 2007

6th January

Water Rail: The bird is still present in area 2.
Gadwall: 4 birds on the main lake.
Shoveler: 6 birds on the lake.


Castlehaven said...

2 pair Gt Crested Grebe on main lake.
Water Rail showing well, if intermittnetly.
1 parakeet flying - noisily - from Area 26 to Area 1.

Rasputin said...

Hi Tony,

Great site, thoroughly enjoyable. We'll be referring back to it often in the future.

Quick question, is there any way of telling what are collection birds and what have simply flown in for winter?

You mentioned Gadwell on the main lake, do the park collection Gadwell stay in their specific area, thus allowing you to know these must have flown in?

Likewise, Pintail - today we saw Pintail in Area 26 and also in Area 1. Do the collection birds spread around?

We counted at least 7 Whooper Swans today. Do you know if there is a definitive list anywhere of the collection birds and their numbers?

Kind regards

Tony Duckett said...

****** Parakeets I had hoped they would have moved on by now.

Hi I am glad you like the site.
Knowing what are truly wild birds on the lake can be difficult. Any Gadwall, Ruddy Duck, Common Teal, European Wigeon particularly 1st winter birds, Mandarin and Eygptian Geese are most likely of wild origin. The Pintail are part of a small feral population in the London area. The Red Crested Pochard are feral and I feel they should be put into category C the same as Mandarin and Eygptian Goose.
If you would like a checklist of the parks waterfowl and there approximate numbers please leave me your name and email address.

Rasputin said...

Hi Tony

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I would appreciate a checklist of the parks waterfowl and their approximate numbers.

Kind regards

Rasputin said...


My email address is: