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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

13th March

Dawn in the park, on another calm day.
Kestrel female in area 25.
Green Woodpecker playing hide and seek.

Woodcock: 1 flew over Nursery Lodge at 6.45am, and then it or another bird flew from that area at 3.00pm, area 14.
Reed Bunting: A male was in the reed bed in area 2 at 7.30am.
Redwing: Two groups of 20 and 30 birds roosted in areas 13 and 29.
Jackdaw: 1 flew NE at 7.10am.
Sparrowhawk: A pair were seen displaying in area 1.
Peregrine Falcon: A bird soared high above area 1 at 1.00pm.
Little Grebe: 2 trilling males were on the lake.

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