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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

27th March

Kestrel hovering by the east bank, Cley
Lapwing feeding by the east bank, Cley.
Avocet swimming at Titchwell.
Green-winged Teal, Titchwell.
Woodlark singing at Mayday Farm

I am sorry that know sightings have been posted lately. The reason for this is mainly that things are fairly quiet and though the wind did veer towards the east it had swung around from the north. From that directions not many migrants are likely to be directed towards the UK.

I have also spent the last two days in Norfolk. On the way up on the Monday a friend and I stopped at a Breckland site and had views of a Goshawk, 7 singing Woodlarks and a Bill Oddie. Driving on towards the Norfolk coast we stopped to look at a flock of Waxwings. At Cley are target was soon found, in the form of 5 Shorelarks, the Marsh Harriers displayed over the reserve. The afternoon was spent first at Sandringham where 5 Buzzards, a pair of Sparrowhawks displayed and a female Golden Pheasant fed by the road. The end of the day was spent at Titchwell looking at the Green-winged Teal plus Cettis Warblers, Bittern, Barn Owl and the usual spring birds on the reserve.

The following day was slightly misty, making long distance scanning difficult. With very little to hold us at the coast we headed back to the Brecks. Lynford Arboretum produced 2 Firecrests and displaying Siskins. At Mayday Farm more Woodlarks, 2 male Bramblings drank from a puddle but the local Goshawks failed to show. Heading homewards from here we stopped to look at Hares in a field and saw another of the Breckland specialities 7 Stone Curlews.

A good 2 days with a 103 species seen

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