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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

6th March

Sparrowhawk eating Feral Pigeon at the feeding station in area 24.

Water Rail: Showed on and off in area 2.
Reed Bunting: A male in reed bed area 2 in the afternoon.
Meadow Pipit: The first of the spring flew over at 9.20am.
Redwing: 2 birds fed on the ground with two Mistle Thrushes close to the zoo in area 22.
Common Teal: A drake by the north side of area 5.


Debbie Pledge said...

I've been looking into Area 29 from outside but I can't find the tawny owl. It does not seem to be in same place as last year, at least not when I go. The fence being in the way does not help. Is the bird in the vicinity of the nest box?

Tony Duckett said...

The bird is further along in the fenced off area. Even when the fence comes down it will be hard to locate. We think the Water Rail may have been in the reed bed next to the cafe. Its reappearance coinsided with some work I had done in that reed bed