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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7th March

Mediterranean Gull: A 2w/2s was on the lake from 8.30am until 8.40am. The gulls were spooked by the alarm calls of crows, large number of gulls began to thermal. Then a large majority of the gulls then left the park. This was probably the bird that had been seen in Hyde Park.
Jackdaw: 5 birds flew over, 4 heading NE and 1going SW this bird may have landed amongst the crows near the boathouse cafe.
Reed Bunting: The male was in the reed bed in area 2 this afternoon.
Meadow Pipit: 4 birds flew over.
Redwing: 10 birds flew NE.
Water Rail: Showing well at 5.30pm.


Rose & Morg said...

Hi Tony
Wed 5.30-6.00: We had excellent views of the water rail on the grassy bank and in the water channel, area 2. Until a male sparrowhawk swept through the enclosure at this point the water rail turned into a road runner crossing the water channel and vanished into the reeds.

Reuben said...

Hi Tony
Went down to see if I could see the Tawny Owl this morning, no such luck, the area of the fence where I guess it would be is blocked off to the public because of soil works or something. I did see male blackcap and chiffchaff though (on edge of area 29)

Reuben said...
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Tony Duckett said...

Hi Reuben.

The area is fenced off while they undertake an archaeological survey.
The warblers are probably over wintering birds.

James said...

Wow. this blog's great.