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Monday, April 16, 2007

16th April

House Martin: 2 birds were flying in the park close to the colonies breeding site on Park Road, area 6 (first birds of the year).
Swallow: 2 singles flew north.
Common Buzzard: 1 flew north at 1.00pm
Reed Bunting: The male was singing by the boathouse cafe at 7.45am.
Grey Wagtail: 1 flew over London Zoo.
Linnet: 7 birds flew north in 1's and 2's.
Ring-necked Parakeet: 4 birds were chasing each other around in area 1


debbiepledge said...

Lots of blackcap song in Area 29 at lunchtime. More than last week. Could not see any though!

Tony Duckett said...

They tend to be more skulking at that time of day, especially when it is this hot.

Piers Aitman said...

I don't know if you monitor these sort of things, but first mallard ducklings I've seen x10 on the canal by the zoo last week. Also 2 egyptian geese on main lake, and pr little grebes checking out north end of the big island.

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Piers,
I do note first broods in my diary, our first Mallard ducklings hatched on 4/4, our first Coot 23/4 and Moorhen a little earlier still. The little Grebes are fiding it hard to find a nest site, as the Coots tend to take them first.

debbiepledge said...

I saw at least one male and one female blackcap in Area 29 on Tuesday lunchtime. But slightly less song than Monday! Usual amount of chiffchaff song. (Pair of bullfinch in my garden this morning!).

debbiepledge said...

Forgot to add pair of speckled wood in mating dance (is that the right term for it?). Yesterday a probable holly blue.