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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

17th April

Tawny Owl: The pair in area 29, have managed to raise at least on juvenile, without it being detected. Work and disturbance by rough sleepers during February may have caused them to move their young to a different area of the wood. There could be a food shortage, and that is why they have only one youngster. That I doubt, unless they find most of there food in the area that is possibly going to be built on.
Male Tawny Owl
Female Tawny Owl
Juvenile on the alert from harassing Magpies
Juvenile sunbathing
Going back into cover as the Magpies return.

House Martin: 2 again over the trees close to their nest site.
Swallow: 8 singles flew north skimming the tree tops.
Blackcap: 12 males singing from all corners of the park.
Chiffchaff: 2 males singing from area 1 and 29.
Reed Bunting: The male again in area 2.
Tawny Owl: The pair plus one juvenile area 29.


debbiepledge said...

Great photos of the owls. Can't tell you how frustrating it is to know the owls are in there but cannot be seen from the outside, especially as I knew where to look for them last spring. I might have to go and look at the owlets in Kensington Gardens, but they've probably had more than enough visitors for the past two weeks.

Tony Duckett said...


It is the first time that I have seen the owls in the wood since February. The young owl was photographed in one of the Ashes with Ivy on and would have been clearly visible from the outside.

debbiepledge said...

Last time we spoke you thought they had moved to a deeper part of the wood not seen from the outside. I know where the ashes with ivy are! That's my target for tomorrow. Who needs K.Garden? Thanks.