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Friday, April 20, 2007

20th April

Almost to heavy to carry.
The female owl showed very well, with the male not to far away.

The day was overcast, with a cool easterly breeze blowing. It was not until around mid-day that the cloud began to brake up. The sunny finally burst through at 1.30pm.
There seemed to have been a departure by most of the leaf warblers, and visible migration was practically non-existent.

Common Buzzard: 1 was seen fairly low over the open spaces at 2.50pm. It eventually made up its mind which way to go and drifted south, this is a direction that I cant ever recall a spring Buzzard taking.
House Martin: The 2 birds were again present over the lake off and on during the day.
Swallow:2 singles birds flew north.

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