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Sunday, April 22, 2007

21st April

Red Kite

Common Buzzard

Today was spent away from the park, in the Chilterns in the Christmas Common area.

Red Kite: This species was seen and heard in large numbers in an area from High Wycombe and as far as you could see looking westwards from the Chiltern escarpment.
Common Buzzard: Plentiful but in not as larger numbers as the Kites.
Willow Tit: A pair were seen this being my first record of this species for more than 15 years.
Other species seen were typical woodland birds.


castlehaven said...

Two flights of Swifts seen over Camden Town. High - very high - one flight of six, the other of seven birds. All noticably moving northwards. Early-ish? Or about the right time?

Tony Duckett said...

Swifts do seem to have arrived in numbers earlier than the average arrival date.
Though we have not had many, but we usually have to wait until early May for the local birds to arrive.