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Friday, April 27, 2007

27th April

SedgeWarbler: 1 singing and showed briefly in brambles near feeding station, area 29.
Swallow: 2 birds flew NW at 7.25am.
Swift: 3 birds over the park at 8.30am.
Sand Martin: 3 birds flew NW at 12.48pm.
House Martin: 10 birds over the lake.


rose said...

Hi Tony
10.10am Swift overlake. 5.30pm Swallow NW.
Area 31- a pair of Chiffchaffs the female was making plenty of high pitched calls and wing shivering. Also a pair of Long tailed tits frantically delivering food to nest.

castlehaven said...

Possibly a bit outside the bounds of the Park, but Red Kite over Kentish Town Road by Sainsbury's floating NE at 1400

Tony Duckett said...

These Kites will soon be looking for food on the streets of London once more.

castlehaven said...

I look forward to that day!