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Saturday, May 12, 2007

12th May

Broad-bodied Chaser female

Very little of note recorded today.
The Common Terns seem to have decided the park was not suitable for breeding.

Reed Warbler: 3 singing males again, in area 2 and 26.

The first Broad-bodied Chaser was sheltering on the hedge surrounding area 25.


castlehaven said...

3 Reed Warblers heard - simultaneously - in reed beds Areas 1-2. 1 heard and seen 5 times in S end of "Rail Reed Bed". 2 heard, 1 seen in reed bed between the two bridges Area 1-2.
1 Willow Warbler heard and seen Area 25.
2 M Whitethroats seen singing on exposed perches and carrying nest materials Area 24 (best seen from path on S side).
2 pr Gadwall main lake, 1 pr Gadwall in wetland area.

Tony Duckett said...

That would be great it the Whitethroats are nesting there. I did have a report of a possible Whitethroat seen flying from area 25 towards area 24. It would be the first confirmed breeding since 1966.

castlehaven said...

Well, I spent about an hour there, and the two males were both taking twigs etc to various bushes. I will be back there c0700 or so tomorrow....

Tony Duckett said...

I only managed to see 1 male clearly and a bit of display with another bird. I could not tell if the other bird was a female or male.The male I watched appeared to move from one area of bramble towards the other. I only ever heard and saw one male singing.