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Thursday, May 17, 2007

17th May

Headless Reed Bunting, in reeds near Hanover Bridge.

Hobby: 1 flew low through the wetland, area 25 at 1.30pm. It was a shame that the weather lately has not produced some dragonflies to tempt it to stay.
Common Whitethroat: 2 males, 1 in the Avenue Gardens at 7.30am, area 18. The other male is holding territory in the cricket pen, area 24.
Reed Warbler: 2 males near Hanover Bridge, area 2.
Chiffchaff: Birds still singing in area 1 and 29.
Reed Bunting: A pair still in area 2.
Little Grebe: 6 birds present around the lake.
Pied Wagtail: A fresh juvenile was around the western side of the lake for its second day. It must have been raised very close if not in the park.
Sparrowhawk: The female caused panic amongst the local House Martins as it flew over the lake this morning.


castlehaven said...

1600-1800 18th.
2 Reed Warblers heard, 1 of which seen in Water Rail Reed Bed, other in bed between bridges.
Female Reed Bunting seen in reeds of Rail Bed.
26-30 House Martins over lake.
5 Swallows over lake.
Sparowhawk flew over Area 25 into St John's Lodge.
2 Whitethroats heard in Area 24. One the "Nesting Male", the other in the thicket by the path between Areas 24 and 26.
1 Blackcap heard at E end of Area 24.

Tony Duckett said...

We seem to be down on Reed Warblers, unless they have been delayed in these mostly northerly winds.

castlehaven said...

The Reed Warblers were noticably quieter compared with previous occasions, so quite difficult to hear in the stiff breeze.

Piers Aitman said...

Friday - Blackcap pair seemingly carrying insects down to nest in area 29, 10am. Couldn't hear any young though. Green woodpecker in children's playground by gloucester gate 5pm.