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Sunday, May 20, 2007

20th May

Greater Whitethroat in area 24.

.Great Crested Grebe youngster waiting for food
Mistle Thrush singing from area 29.

Common Whitethroat: Still present in area 24.
Blackcap: Birds busy feeding young in several areas.
Great Crested Grebe: 3 pairs with young and several pairs on a second clutch.


castlehaven said...

Little Egret (with aluminium ring) seen alongside herons trying to nick Penguin food in the zoo on Saturday. Clearly a free flying bird. Regular visitor?

Tony Duckett said...

This bird has been around for several years, the did say at one time it was not theirs. But two or three birds turned up about the same time, one of which I caught as it was unable to find enough food. A Sacred Ibis was also present.