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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

2nd May

Common Terns, present for a second day, will they find the tern raft.

Common Tern: The pair were again on the lake for most of the day.
Reed Bunting: The pair were present in the reed beds on either side of the lake in area 2.
Swallow: 2 birds flew north.


rose said...

Hi Tony
5 Swallows through between 9.30-12.30.
Area 30: 2 Brimstone & 3 Orange tips (males) in 'Butterfly Meadow'.

Monday 4.30pm area 8: My first Long-tailed tit fledglings of the year, at least 4 young in trees at college entrance by Clarence bridge. The short tails almost make them look like a different species.

castlehaven said...

1500-1745 Sunday 6 May.
N end area 30 in scrub: 1 x Willow Warbler, 1 x Blackcap both signing. Blackcap seen briefly.
Chiffchaffs in Areas: 29 N end, between 29 and 31 in area of yard, N and S ends Winfield House, Area 1.
2-?3? Reed Warblers heard singing, 1 Reed Warbler seen well, another seen skulking in reed beds. 1 seen at bridge end of "Rail Ditch", 1 seen skulking in reeds on other side of bridge, third heard singing close to boat house.
2 x Common Terns seen on boat most of afternoon, very relaxed.

castlehaven said...

Oh, and 2 x M Reed Buntings in "Rail Ditch" reed beds.