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Sunday, June 10, 2007

10th June

Reed Warbler in area 2, last year this bird nested in area 26.
Kestrel juvenile swallowing a mouse.
Common Whitethroat, I can not remember ever seeing a male sing from such a high vantage point.
The two young in the willow opposite the bandstand.
Reed Bunting singing from patch of reeds in area 25.

Reed Warbler: 3 males singing.
Chiffchaff: 3 males singing.
Blackcap: males appear to be staking out new territories, as if they are on their second clutches.
Common Whitethroat: The male is now displaying at times over the wetland, area 25.
Reed Bunting: Males was singing from the reeds by the boat house and in area 25.
Great Crested Grebe: The pair nesting opposite the bandstand have hatched their second batch of youngsters, area 6.
Grey Wagtail: 1 juvenile in by the pond in the nature study centre, area 1.
Kestrel: The male in area 25, has been catching a variety of prey items including several frogs.


debbiepledge said...

Cetti's warbler. The bird you hear but never see. This might explain why it was hard to guess at.

The whitethroat does like to go very high up to sing.

debbiepledge said...

I've only seen a grey wagtail once in the park. It was feeding with some pied in the middle of a football pitch.