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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

13th June

Juvenile wondering how do I get back up there.
Here goes.
It's our turn next.
Jay, greater covert feather.

Kestrel: 2 juveniles had fledged by 2.30pm, with only one being located in the next door tree.
Reed Warbler: 3 males singing in each of the reed beds in area 2.


castlehaven said...

In my - fruitless! - quest for the Little Owls, a little piece of less good news: a flock of 8 Parakjeets seen flying noisily to and fro St John's Lodge and the Zoo.

This time, they mean business...

PS Any chance of a GPS fix on the Little Owls?

Tony Duckett said...

They certainly do. I am trying to arrange the finance to site a gun battery on Primrose Hill.
I am sure you will find the Owls if you are in the park at the right time of day.