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Friday, June 15, 2007

15th June

Grey Wagtail juvenile being watched by a White-eyed Pochard.

Common Tern: 1 flew around the lake at 9.20am.
Kestrel: All birds were in the box at 6.30am, before one flew to a nearby Lime tree.
Grey Wagtail: 1 juvenile by the rearing pond at the Nature Study Centre.
Reed Warbler: 6 singing males, with one inside the grounds of The Holme.
House Martin and Swift there seems to be above average numbers of these species feeding over the park and Primrose Hill.


debbiepledge said...

Lots of house martin activity on Friday lunchtime above the field which links the long bridge to the nature study centre. Swooping low and very close to me!

Tony Duckett said...


If you ever get the chance to count the number of pairs of House Martins nesting on Park Road, I would be very grateful for the information.

debbiepledge said...

Happy to have a go. But might need a but of advice on best way to do it.

Tony Duckett said...

Debbie It would just mean checking the biulding facing Park Road and a short walk up Rossmore Road to view the buildings southern side. You just need to see if there are active nests with parents flying up to feed their young. A count of the young is not necessary. I would appreciate it if you could find a spare 15 mins a week.