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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20th June

Common Tern: A pair were present for their 3rd day, displaying on a small platform in area 5.
Grey Wagtail: 2 birds flew along the canal.
Common Whitethroat: The male is still singing his heart out in area 24, there is still know sign of any young or a female.
Reed Bunting: 2 juveniles in area 26, plus a male singing in area 2.

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rose said...

hi Tony
Friday 22nd 10-1200am:
The male Common Tern finally presented the female with a couple of larger fish on the posts nearest the platform; the Kestrel juvs were flying confidently between trees in the silt pen and near the lodge. I've only seen 3 juvs at any one time during the last few days and they all appear to be female, although one of them has a darker head. Are there still 4 juvs?
Heard a chiffchaff singing strongly in the leafyard wood. Also a Squirrel helping itself to the seed in the caged seedfeeder.
In the 'Butterfly meadow' there were at least 3 Large Skippers and a number of insects that I hadn't noticed before. I managed to id 2 of them. One was a nice example of a Wasp Beetle; and the other was a male Oedemera nobilis, it doesn't appear to have a common name, its a small shiny green beetle that was feeding on flower pollen.
The Cornflower is one of my favourite flowers so it was really lovely to see so many of them spread around the meadow with the other wild flowers amongst the long grasses. I'll have to take some photos as a momento of what it was like before we lose all this if the developers get their way!
Excuse the essay but it was a really enjoyable couple of hours.