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Saturday, July 21, 2007

21st July

Recently fledged Chiffchaff in area 29.
Part of the group of seven juveniles, some were still being fed by their parents.

Garden Warbler: 2 possibly three birds were feeding on blackberries in area 29. 1 was in full song.
Chiffchaff: A recently fledged family were in the Oak trees in area 29.
Another bird was in area 24.
Blackcap: 4 birds were feeding in the Ivy covered tree near the drinking pool in area 29.
Nuthatch: The bird was seen by the Nature Study Centre, area 1 and several times back at the feeders in area 29.
Tawny Owl: The female sat out in the open in area 29 until she could know longer put up with the constant harassment.
Little Owl: This is the first day that the juveniles were not seen, though the male showed well.
Common Tern: The birds were still present.
Goldfinch: At least 10 juveniles were seen on two of the feeding stations. Seven were by St Marks Bridge.

Purple Hairstreak: One was flying around and perching on the small Oak tree close to the feeders in area 29.

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