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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25th July

Hobby: An adult flew in from SW at 8.25am causing alarm amongst the terns and martins. The bird circled and gained height, the the terns always kept above it calling constantly. The Hobby then drifted towards Primrose Hill where it caused panic amonst a flock of House Martin. It then selected what was probably a recently fledged bird. The martin twisted and turned trying to loose his pursuer, but the falcon was to agile and soon caught it. We then expected the bird to head off towards Hampstead Heath , it did gain altitude and was lost from sight. We were very suprised when about eight later it came back low over the park carrying its prey item.
Nuthatch: The bird was seen several times in the Oak tree by the Nature Study Biulding in area 1. It was probably going to the feeders nearby, though it was not seen on them.
Reed Warbler: 4 males singing and 1 fresh juvenile on the island near the bandstand, area 6.
Grey Wagtail: 3 birds flew over the park.
Ring-necked Parakeet: One dropped into area 26 briefly at 6.00am.

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