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Sunday, July 08, 2007

8th July

Little Grebe chick in area 2.
Feeding time for a juvenile Kestrel in area 36.

Green Woodpecker bathing in area 25.

Reed Warbler: 3 singing males, one in area 1 and two in area 26.
Reed Bunting: A pair were collecting food in area 25.
Common Tern: 3 birds over the lake.
Little Owl: The juveniles were being constantly harassed by juvenile Blackbirds this morning.
Canada Geese: 105 were rounded up to be ringed or to have the numbers of their rings read. This survey has been going on for sixteen years, with the oldest re trapped bird being seventeen.


castlehaven said...

1-2 Chiffchaffs, and 1 Blackcap heard singing Area 29-30 c1715 while on run, 12th July.

Tony Duckett said...

If you wish to see the Little Owls find my email address on the yahoo londonbirders site and I can reply privately.