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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

19th September

Green Woodpecker watching a Sparrowhawk overhead, area 26.

Green Woodpecker watching me in area 29.

Lesser Whitethroat: 1 in Holly tree by the rose wheel, area 12 at 7.50am.
Blackcap: 3 singles in area 12, 25 and 29.
Chiffchaff: 12 birds in areas 12 and 29.
House Martin: 1 over the lake.
Meadow Pipit: a flock of 25 flew SW.
Egyptian Goose: 10 birds on the lake, where are these pests coming from?
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debbiepledge said...

Re: Egyptian geese.
When you wrote yesterday 'these birds are not part of the waterfowl collection' I could sense your frustration. Today the truth is out: 'pests' it is!

Tony Duckett said...

Pests they are. They can be very aggressive, especially to smaller varities of geese.
How are you getting on with your scope, have you seen anything interesting through it yet?

debbiepledge said...

I bought a new lightweight tripod today as the first one was too heavy for me! Not a great deal to report so far! Going to Oare Marshes on Saturday. Hoping for a curlew sandpiper.

José Luis said...

Congratulations for your blog! it's amazing! Since I was in Regent's Park last august, I fell in love with the park. I have listed your blog in my website ( and there are a lot of spanish birders who visit your blog daily (as well as I do!).

Greetings from Madrid!

José Luis,

Tony Duckett said...

There is nothing worse than lugging a heavy tripod around. Mind you the one you had I think was the same as the one I use for work. I didn't think it was that heavy. The trouble with lighter tripods are they normaly struggle for stability in windy conditions. Have you thought about getting one of the scopac type carriers. If you went for the cheapest type, without a pocket it would make life so much easier for you. They give you the chance to use binoculars without having to put the scope down. I guess you wont read this until Monday so I hope you had a good day at Oare Marshes and got to see your target bird.

Tony Duckett said...

Hello Jose luis.
It is nice to know that you love Regent's Park as I to do. I am glad you look at my blog, it is a shame that it has been so quiet lately. The weather patterns have been against us most of the year, the park needs all the help it can to get birds to visit. I checked out your site it looks much more professional than mine. It is a shame that I can not read Spanish.