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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5th September

Swift: 3 sightings of a single bird in three areas of the park at different flying in different directions between 7.05 am and 8.50am.
Swallow: A small passage of birds noticed during the day with at least 60 birds flying in know particular direction.
House Martin: A major clear out with only 40 birds over the lake first thing and very few seen through the day.
Chiffchaff: 6 birds seen.
Willow Warbler: 1 bird seen in area 29.
Blackcap: Numbers were slightly up, with birds tacking in most areas of the park.

Birds seen during a lunchtime sky watch.
Hobby: 2 singles, one catching insects over Primrose Hill.
Peregrine: A possible very high flying bird headed west, occasionally disappearing into the clouds.
Sparrowhawk: 5 birds were seen.
Swallow: 35 birds heading in all directions, but mainly SW-W.
This was the second day that not one Cormorant was seen heading between the Lea Valley and the waters in SW London. They are normally a pain, as you think at first you have picked up something interesting, only to be dissapointed.


debbiepledge said...

About 10 house martins above the boating lake at 9.40am.
(Recently back from Dawlish. At the Warren saw a nice wheatear, plus several knot, ringer plover, at least 1000 oystercatchers).

Tony Duckett said...

I have not been to Dawlish since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Did you have a chance to look for Cirl Buntings?

debbiepledge said...

No. We did go for a walk up to the Mamhead obelisk (Haldon Hills). I believe that would have been a possible area to look for them, but it was a walking afternoon not a birdwatch. Maybe another time.