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Thursday, October 18, 2007

18th October

Kingfisher in area 1, most of the latest sightings have been in this area.

The coldest night of the autumn, with a beautiful clear sky. Due to this, watching for visible migration was fairly hard. It meant listening carefully and using any piece of wispy cloud to help pick out the birds.

Common Sandpiper: One was on the edge of the island facing the banstand, area 6 at 8.00am.
Chiffchaff: 2 in area 26.
Blackcap: 1 female in area 26.
Kingfisher: 1 was present in area 1 between 12.00 and 1.00pm.
Grey Wagtail: 2 birds in area 1.

Visible Migration
Wood Pigeon: 3200 flew west in large flocks, prior to 8.30am.
Redwing: 25 flew north in small parties.
Fieldfare: A flock of 85 flew north at 1.00pm.
Lesser Whitethroat: 1 flew west.
Pied Wagtail: 2 flew west.


rose said...

Hi Tony
I see that this is a female Kingfisher. I thought that the prevoius sightings were of males so does this mean that there maybe a pair in the park?

Tony Duckett said...

Hopefully, as the last time that I saw two, one was being chased.