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Friday, November 23, 2007

23rd November

Kingfisher in area 1
Green Woodpecker or Yaffle in area 1

Hedgehogs are very scarce in Central London, Regents Park is probably their last stronghold. This one was seen in area 25 this morning. If you should see any I would be very grateful, even if it is in Camden or Westminster.
This evenings full moon

Fieldfare: At least 80 birds flew northish prior to 9.00am, in 4 flocks plus the odd stragglers.
Redwing:15 birds were mixed in with the above.
Siskin: 2 birds flew north over the canal.
Kingfisher: One possibly two birds were in area 1. Lately by standing on the blue bridge nearest the playground one bird has been visible diving for fish at the end of the lake.
Tawny Owl: Two birds were flying around the trees in area 27 at 6.30am.
Ring-necked Parakeet: Four birds were in Queen Mary's, area 12 this morning.
Egyptian Goose: 10 birds around the lake, four birds flew in from the SW at 8.00am.

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