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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16th January

Little Owl: With the days warm sunshine we managed to track down the pair. It might be more difficult to find their offspring.
Sparrowhawk: The male was displaying above the Nature Centre, todays weather is the ideal time to see this species in the park. They should keep this up until April at least.
Long-tailed Tit: Pairs are now prospecting for nest sites.
Egyptian Goose: 18 birds are still present all around the lake, and have been displaying and selecting territories.


rose said...

Hi Tony
Wednesday 10.30am-
The pair of Kestrels on Primrose Hill were near their box giving good views, the female was being harassed by a pair of Magpies.
A large nest box (long and narrow) has fallen onto the path near the Kestrel box and another nest box in a tree nearby has lost its lid. Also a Common gull with a few Black-headed gulls on the playing field and 4 Mistle thrushes flew over.
Wed. 12-2pm.
4 Redwings feeding with Starlings and 1 Mistle thrush on Gloucester green. Another Mistle thrush near Cumberland green.
In the grove of trees near Chester Rd another Mistle thrush was alert to the presence of a Kestrel.
A Sparrowhawk seen briefly over Queen Marys Gardens flew off in the direction of St Johns Lodge.
A large number of Mandarin ducks (approx 5-7 males with several females)sheltering in the lee of Bandstand Island. Rose & Maggie

Tony Duckett said...

Hi Rose.

It is good to here that you and Maggie are having a look up on the hill. Dave and I were only saying yesterday, that you too should spend more time in the park. Hopefully you can miss those full English breakfasts and be out before 10.00am.
So many things birds by then would be approaching the Norfolk/Suffolk border, having flown over the park earlier on.

castlehaven said...

Two pairs of Great Crested Grebe doing courtship rituals on lake - a wee bit early..?

Tony Duckett said...

I have seen Great crested Grebes on nests by early February on some waters in the London area. If the weather stays mild then there is know reason why they should fail. It also gives them a chance to build a nest without Coots interfering. But we will be bound to have a cold snap soon.

castlehaven said...

Tawny Owl heeard calling in trees just to N of Winfield House, 1715 22 Jan.