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Thursday, January 03, 2008

3rd January

Dont worry you haven't missed this Mediterranean Gull. It is crrently wintering on the round pond in Kensington Gardens. It was ringed in Germany and is quiet showy,so worth a look if your passing.

This goose has been identified as a White-fronted Goose juvenile. Definately not of wild origin and in my view its parentage could be questioned. Its bill, size and colouration do not quite match typical Eurasian White-fronts.

We are trying to break the parks species seen in a year record. If any birders that visit the park regularly and would like to contact me by phone or email, if they find a quality bird could leave their email address in the comments section or by reaching me via the Londonbirders forum. There are a several species that we have never seen that surely must pass through, so the more eyes the better.

First day back at work after the festive season, Though I did have a couple of walks around the park with my family.

1st January:
Northern Pintail: 2 drakes and a duck flew in very high from the NW and settled by area 5 and out of site at 2.00pm.
Yellow-legged Gull: An adult was on a post in the lake at 2.30pm.
Siskin: 4 birds were in area 25.
Sparrowhawk: 2 males were chasing each other around area 1. Hopefully a good sign as there was no proof of breeding in this area last year.

3rd January:
Redwing: 2 birds were feeding on the canal slopes area 32.
Siskin: 4 birds by the bandstand at 8.00am.
Egyptian Goose: 22 birds were grazing on the bank of the lake in area 26 this afternoon.


glen said...

My name is Glen I visit the park on a regular basis
I have been on a few of your bird walks last year
my tel no is 07766704227
home 0207 813 0797
Cheers I work local too.

glen said...

hi tony
glen here been on a few of your weekend walks
would like to help
phone 0207 813 0797
mob 07766704227

Tony Duckett said...

Cheers Glen I will be in touch.