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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12th February

Siskin female, feeding in area 26

Kestrel female relaxing for the moment
Stock Doves visiting garden by St Marks Bridge
Goldfinch coming down to bathe in area 26.

Redwing: three birds feeding in south-west corner of Marylebone Green, area 10.
Siskin: eight birds still in area 26 sometimes visiting area 24.
Goldfinch: twelve birds in area 24, 25 and 26.
Little Owl: one bird sunning his/herself throughout the day.
Kestrel : One bird visiting nestbox in area 26, is being harrassed by a murder of crows that have moved in to the area.
Stock Dove: twenty two birds visited the garden by St Marks Bridge.


debbiepledge said...

Hi Tony,
When can we expect the next ID challenge?

Tony Duckett said...

I am sorry Debbie, I have got some photos that might be slightly difficult. But I have been waiting for some other birds to get into strange positions.