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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

13th February

A slightly foggy start to the day, but it soon burnt off
The Little Owl easily blends in with the pattern of bark on a Plane tree

Not a lot different to report, though if this unseasonal weather keeps going then some spring migrants may arrive slightly earlier. A friend of mine who lives on the Costa Blanca phoned to say that he had seen his first Swallows coming in off the sea, that was three weeks ago.

Little Grebe:
two birds on the main lake
eight birds still in area 26
Little Owl: One bird was enjoying the sun again this afternoon
Ring-necked Parakeet: three birds in and around area 24 and 26

1 comment:

Neil said...

Wow a little owl in regents park. I go there at least once a week, mainly to look at the herons. You blog is just what ive been looking for. Where is the best place to look for the owls? Im going to the park tomorow afternoon.

PS: I just visited regents park a mater of minutes ago and there was an extremely tame fox that came with in 1m of me, in your area 8. Was amazing :)