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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

19th February

Fieldfare: 1 bird was perched in a tree in area 1 at 7.00am.
Common Teal: A pair were in area 26 before flying out on to the main lake around area 5.
Northern Shoveler: 9 birds were on the lake.
Gadwall: 14 birds were around area 5, with some display flights being seen.
Ruddy Duck: 8 birds were at their favourite loafing spot, between area 5 and the mainland.
Heron: A second nest had young calling.
Black-headed Gull: 460 birds were on the lake at 8.00am


Neil said...

Good to hear there are herons in the nest. I didnt hear them today myself.

Tony Duckett said...

I think they are still quite small and it can be hard to detect them above the traffic. There are young in the two Ash tree with four or more nest in.